Alternative Options for Your Back Pain

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In this therapy, an ultrasound machine transmits high-frequency sound waves to tight muscles in an attempt to relax them. The treatment is simple and you can’t hear the sound waves (though will have a tingling sensation). This treatment needs to be administered by a trained medical professional, usually a physio therapist.

In the same way that oil helps massage therapists glide their hands over your skin, ultrasound therapy utilise a cool gel for the same reason. The ultrasound therapist applies the gel to the skin, and then treats the area by moving the ultrasound device in a circular motion on your back. The sound waves are absorbed deep into your muscles. They also increase the temperature inside those muscles, which promotes blood flow to the area. Sometimes, a topical anti-inflammatory is combined with the gel so the medication can be absorbed deeper. Ultrasound waves can cause heating in a similar manner to microwave ovens, although milder. This heat increases circulation.

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