Alternative Options for Your Back Pain

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The aim of prolotherapy is to promote the growth of tendons and ligaments. You can find more information about tendons and ligaments here. Tendons attach muscles to bone, and ligaments link bone to bone. These tissues stabilize your spine. Prolotherapy is usually conducted on those who have degenerative disc disease, a condition which causes the discs to shrink. When intervertebral discs lose their height, ligaments and tendons can slacken, reducing their support to the spine and therefore causing problems. For a complete exam and the first area, the price is usually around $750 with an additional cost of around $400 per treatment session.

Prolotherapy is based on injecting mild solutions (often sugar water) into tendons and ligaments. This shows how the inflammatory reaction is in fact the body’s way of healing itself. The injected solution produces localized inflammation at the site of the weakened tendons or ligaments, therefore promoting blood flow to the area, delivering nutrients which stimulate the tissue growth. The growth provides improved support for the spine. It may take a number of injections for this therapy to work.

Whilst some patients report relief, lots of physicians are sceptical. The main argument against prolotherapy is that most injured tissues are already irritated, and irritating it more won’t encourage the body to respond. Chronic pain patients will give anything a try to attempt to find some relief, but the actual effectiveness of prolotherapy remains inconclusive.

Prolotherapy has been known to cause a number of side effects including swelling, intense pain, stiffness and headaches, these symptoms usually last no more than a week.


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