Back Pain Causing Conditions – An Overview

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Here we will provide you with a brief overview of some of the various conditions which can cause back pain.

Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Dysfunction

The triangular bone at the bottom of your spine which fits into your hips (pelvis) is named the sacrum. It is a fused set of three/ five vertebrae. The joint which links the sacrum to your pelvis is known as the sacroiliac or SI joint. Problems in the SI joint can result in pain in numerous areas including:

Lower back

  • Buttock
  • Groin
  • Legs
  • Pain at the top of the hip bone (iliac crest)

Pain is often only on one side of the body. The symptoms usually get worse in static positions such as standing, sitting, or lying down. Some people may experience increased discomfort when walking up stairs or bending forward. There are lots of reasons behind SI joint dysfunction, such as a sprain in the ligaments which surround the joint, muscular imbalances, abnormal walking patterns, and laxity of ligaments as a result of pregnancy.

To find relief in the short term, lots of people feel better lying in the foetal position, on their side with knees bent. A pillow in-between the knees will also help. In the long term, physical therapy and therapeutic activities designed to strengthen muscles and adjust muscular imbalances can help. SI joint dysfunction can also be treated (and diagnosed) through specialized injections administered directly into the joint.

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