Best massager for back pain

Do you experience consistent back, neck, or shoulder pain?

Then I have a simple, cost effective solution for you…no more spas needed to restore your body to wellness. I’ll show you a simple cheaper alternative:

The Back buddy Trigger Point Back Massager

Back Buddy ReviewTrigger point massagers have been around for a few years now and they have a lot of benefits. This particular trigger point massager called the Back Buddy by The Body Back Company is the best-selling most recommended trigger point tool on Amazon.

Its constructed of solid plastic and is a very well made product that will hold up under stress. Its best for daily use in your home, but can easily be thrown into a suit case and used in your hotel room after a day after traveling. While all that’s great the best part its ergonomic design allows you to massage hard to reach places like your back with ease.

This tool is cost effective and will replace an expensive masseuse or even a massage chair. The tool is easy t use and is rated 4.5 stars at Amazon with over 4,000 reviews.

The Back Buddy is a bit larger than similar products and it is an effective solution for men and women. It is designed to be versatile and among the few models that work extremely well on the back, neck, and shoulders.

It features 11 specially designed therapy knobs which feel so good when you find the right spot for the knot in your muscle. The “S” shape design offers you a lot of leverage for massaging different muscle grips, but also being able to maneuver the tool around seamlessly.

Once you find the sore spot all you have to do is push on it with the trigger point tool to relieve the pressure point and soothe the pain. This tool is great for both relaxing your muscles and preventing muscle injury naturally.

The product comes with a lifetime warranty and a detailed instruction guide showing you various ways to use the product.


  • Cost effective
  • Detailed instruction guide
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Multi-functional 11-inch design
  • Made of durable BPA-free plastic

This is hands down the best trigger point therapy tool. You will find other options, but this is the one to get. It does what it says and it is the BEST product for relieving back pain that I have found to date. You can check it out here.

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