Integrative Medicine for Back Pain

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Here we will give a brief overview of some of the most popular integrative medical techniques for back pain.


Some people think that chiropractic treatments are the same as getting their “backs cracked.” And yes, if you get a treatment (known as an adjustment or manipulation), it is likely that you will hear a popping sound similar to cracking your knuckles. But don’t panic; nothing is breaking. Although the cause of this noise is unknown, the most popular theory is that it is trapped air being liberated from joints. It’s not painful, often the opposite, but it can rather worrying to hear.

The idea of chiropractic treatments is to realign your spine. Vertebral bones can move out of place for various reasons, such poor posture, repetitive physical stress, or injury. Chiropractors manually readjust the spine to put the bones back to where they should be.

Whilst chiropractic treatments are considered to be safe, they are not suitable for everybody. You should not have chiropractic treatment if you have any disease which weakens bones, including osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, or bone cancer.

Your initial visit to a chiropractor is probably going to be a lengthy one. This is normal. Just like to conventional doctors, chiropractors will chart the location, sensation severity of your pain. He or she will take a complete health record and administer a thorough physical exam. Chiropractors will want to observe your posture as you walk, sit, stand, and lie down.

After the chiropractor diagnoses your condition, he or she will begin to adjust your spine. An adjustment is usually conducted on what’s known as a drop table. It looks like a massage table with a small, built-in platform which can move up or down a few inches. You’ll be asked to lie face up or down or on your side. The chiropractor uses their hands and the sudden force of the drop table to position your spine back into the correct place. The chiropractor will also their arm strength to twist and turn your spine in various directions. It’s generally a very physical experience!

Lots of people report immediate alleviation after a treatment, even though it usually requires numerous treatments to get back into alignment. Look out for chiropractors who want to sell you a package of ongoing treatments on your initial visit. It’s a better idea to see how you feel afterwards before committing.

There is some discussion over how effective chiropractic care is in the long term. Some people doubt that simple manipulation and realignment can solve what’s wrong if nothing is done to stop it reoccurring. Muscles move bones. If you don’t tackle the underlying cause of why your bones move, you’re not doing enough to prevent recurrence. This is why a good chiropractor will include exercises and postural awareness as part of an overall program to maintain spine health.

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