4 Tips for Reducing Lower Back Pain and Stiffness in the Morning

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Lower back pain in morning

33% of your entire day is spent sleeping in your bed. With so much time invested in sleep its critical to have a pain free nights rest and wake up feeling refreshed.

Unfortunately, lying in bed can often be the cause of lower back pain in the morning or a overall stiff back. Follow the tips below and you can better manage and understand why you have pain in your back in the morning when you wake up.

What Causes Back Pain in the Morning?

The answer is multi-faceted and is likely the result of poor sleeping posture, a mattress that is too hard or too soft, your method of getting out of bed, or the fact that you don’t give your back a chance to warm up in the AM. To help deduce the cause of your morning back pain or stiffness, try these 4 tips…

4 Tips to Fix Lower Back Pain and Stiffness in the Morning

1. Sleeping Position is Critical For Eliminating Back Morning Stiffness

When you lay in bad you should be in a position that allows the natural curve of your spine to roll freely. Your mattress is important for helping to maintain the natural spine curve. The ideal positions to minimize AM lower back pain and back stiffness are sleeping on your side or back. If you have back stiffness in the AM it is likely that you have fixed your spine in an unnatural position for an extended period of time.

Side Sleeper

If you are a side sleeper a body pillow can help generate some space between your knees and ease pressure off your spine. If you don’t own a body pillow you can place a regular pillow between your knees.

Back Sleeper

If you are a back sleeper, try putting a pillow under your knees. This helps get your spine aligned while you are sleeping.

Don’t Sleep on Your Stomach

Do not sleep on your stomach as this is one of the most detrimental sleeping positions for your spine and can cause back and neck pain.

2. Pillow and Mattress and Morning Lower Back Pain

Get a Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

Your neck position on the pillow effects your spine alignment and in turn can cause back and neck pain. In my experience feather pillows provide the least amount of support, while memory foam cervical pillows provide the most. Even if you are sleeping in the ideal side or position, the wrong pillow under your head can have adverse effects on your lower back.

Medium Firm Mattress Proven to Best For Back Problems

The mattress is the most critical component to morning lower back pain. Studies show a direct correlation between the type of mattress and back pain. It is proven that a firm or medium firm mattress results in less lower back pain in the morning. If you currently use a hard mattress or a soft mattress its possible it is the root cause of your morning back pain.

Other Mattress Factors

It’s worth noting that box spring mattress offer inconsistent spine support. Also if your mattress is 10 years old or more it may be time to consider upgrading.

3. Getting Out of Bed Correctly to Avoid Lower Back Pain

Getting out of bed is something we often take for granted. There is a right way and a wrong way to sit up in the morning.

lower back pain in morning when waking up

The Wrong Way to Get Up in AM

Many people sit up, then twist their back to maneuver their legs over the side of the bed, and then use their back muscles to stand up. That can cause morning back spasms and lower back pain.

The Right Way to Get Up in Am

To stand up properly in the morning and reduce the chance of lower back pain roll onto your side and then use your arm to raise your body up from the side position. From here you can work to the edge of the bed and rise using your legs not your back.

4. Easing into Your Morning

Bring your Legs into your Butt When Putting on Shoes and Socks

Many people throw out there back when trying to put on their shoes and socks or morning. It’s important to start slow. Essentially when you bend you increase pressure on the disk and the faster and farther you move the more you agitate it. Its best to sit on your bottom and bring your foot up to put on socks and shoes.

Bring your Legs into your Butt When Shaving Your Legs

If you are a woman and shave your legs in the shower in the AM the principle is the same. You shouldn’t bend over to shave your legs, you should sit and bring your leg in. If you don’t have a shower that allows you to sit, try and put your foot up on something like a plastic chair.

Everything is about easing into your morning and letting your back slowly adjust.

Lower Back Pain When Waking Up in the Morning Conclusion

Sleeping and waking up should be something you look forward to. Trying the above suggestions can help reduce morning lower back pain and morning back stiffness. Not only will these tips help you to reduce your back pain in the morning, but help you get a better nights rest.

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