Natural Remedies for Back Pain

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The vast majority of herbal supplements for back pain are work by reducing inflammation. U.S. studies of them are rather scarce. In Europe, herbs are much more widely used for a variety of health needs. In the United States, herbs (and their derived supplements) aren’t regulated by the government; this is why we see wild health claims about what they might cure. Select your brands carefully by doing your own research or asking your doctor for a recommendation.

In contrast to the United States, herbal medicines are controlled in a similar way to drugs in Germany. The country’s doctors, have been prescribing herbal medicines for over 100 years. German scientists have conducted plenty of research on medicinal plants. A lot of important data on the chemical properties, safety, and how effect the herbs are come from medical trials conducted in Germany. In addition, some of the most popular and reliable herbal brands sold in the United States also come from Germany.

Devil’s Claw is commonly prescribed in Germany for arthritis, such as arthritis of the spine. The herb has also been utilised for centuries by the Kalahari Desert people to ease pain. Several clinical trials have suggested it can be useful for treating pain. Hyaluronic acid has a large role in tissue lubrication and cellular function. It occurs naturally in the body and is located in connective tissue, including joints and skin. The supplement is reported to support joint lubrication. Studies have been conducted to investigate its effect on knee osteoarthritis, but the results were inconclusive.

Other herbs which are also able to reduce inflammation include green tea, rosemary, holy basil, ginger, and turmeric. Similarly, there isn’t a huge amount of scientific information to support it, but some of these herbs have been used for centuries in China and India to treat pain and inflammation.


Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy, also known called homeopathic medicine, is a general medical theory developed in Germany over 200 years ago. Its medicines are built on a “like cures like” principle. A similar mentality to vaccines. Vaccines have tiny amounts of a disease which they are designed to protect against, this tiny amount triggers an immune response. This means that when the actual disease comes along, the body knows how to deal with it.

Homeopathic medicines (which are usually diluted minerals, plant extracts, and other naturally occurring substances) differ to vaccines as they stimulate the body’s energetic field in order to spark healing. There’s no established scientific evidence to support the claims of homeopathic medicines. But it could be the case that we are unable to measure their effects with the tools available. Homeopathic medicines (known as remedies) can often be found in health-food stores. The medicines are small white pills which come in small vials. They are prepared by symptoms. Those recommended for muscle strain/sprain injuries include arnica, ignatia, and bryonia. Homeopathic pharmacist can assist you in your choice.

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