Surgery – The Last Resort For Back Pain

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Post-Op Care

Recuperating after surgery can take require a few weeks to several months. It depends on the procedure and your physical condition before the surgery. Post-op care will involve physical therapy and your commitment to a continuing fitness program. Your doctor and post-op therapist will know what’s best for your back after surgery. Don’t overlook their advice, even if it already feels like you’ve recovered. Trust your doc and your physical therapist to get you safely back on track as fast as possible.

Avoid the BLTs

You should not be bending, lifting, and twisting in the early days after your surgery. It’s not that you’ll never be able to do these motions again; it’s just that they can put too much stress on healing tissues. Furthermore, you may need to relearn these motions in a way which causes less stress. Your physical therapist will assist you in this learning process.

Walk, Walk, Walk

Now here’s something you can do! Walking is brilliant exercise. It’s one of the relaxed, most convenient ways to get some exercise into your day. The National Institutes for Health advises that we get at least 30 minutes of physical activity most days of the week. And studies have shown that you get just as much benefit from several 10-minute bursts of activity as you do from one longer workout. Take a quick walk before work, at lunch, and after work, and that’s it! Easy, right?


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