Treatment of Upper Back Spasms

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Upper back spasms can be a result of poor posture or injury. It can be considered to be your body’s natural reaction to strain on ligaments and tissues of the back.

Some serious conditions which display upper back spasms are osteoporosis or arthritis. Upper back spasms are no doubt very painful, but there are many ways of eliminating them, including lifestyle changes, home remedies and more.

Treatment of Upper Back Spasms:


A massage is one of the easiest ways to get rid of upper back spasm issues. On massaging, sore spots and muscle knots receive an increase in blood flow; as a result, fatigued muscles get oxygenated. We recommend you receive massage therapy from a qualified massage therapist. This technique usually requires 15 to 30 minutes of rubbing using hand or elbow on the affected area. You can also try trigger point therapy tools which you can administer yourself at home.


Poor posture is the biggest cause of upper back spasms. Your back should be in its natural S shape. This S shape is can be distorted through a number of different habits; working at a desk is one of the main ones. As a result, a lot of strain is exerted onto the back muscles, resulting in back spasms. When you are sitting, your stomach should be in and chest out. Try to hold the book, paper, or screen at your eye’s level instead to looking down. Strain on trapezium muscles and neck should be avoided.

How to Stop Upper Back Spasms

The best way to prevent future back spasm is to exercise regularly. Strength training and/or Yoga are also beneficial. You can do muscle building exercises at home under the guidance of a trainer. Medication also helps to reduce pain. There are also some drugs available which can actually prevent spasms.

Upper back spasms often occur without any warning. Age is also a factor.

Common Conditions

Some common conditions which may lead to upper back spasm are given below-:

Muscle Trauma

This is a very common, when you put extra strain or stress on your muscles through lifting or an injury through another accident or sport. Less common causes include nerve irritation, infections, spastic muscle tumour, and multiple sclerosis.

Nutrients deficiency

When your body lacks some important nutrients and minerals, then back spasms can occur. Absence of essential electrolytes can also be responsible.

Other factors

Improper sitting, sleeping, being overweight, are some other factors which are responsible for this situation.

Symptoms of Upper Back Spasms

When a person suffers from a back spasm condition, they often feel severe pain in that particular area. This pain will likely spread to other parts of their body by traveling through their nerve. The patient may feel inability to rotate, bend or move their spine, etc. Intense symptoms include difficulty in running, and walking.

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  1. Tim

    I have unrelenting spasms in my trap for 12 mo. I am on the heavy hitting pain mess. I get treated at the va hospital . Nothing has helped. They are constant and only subside briefly. I have other back problems stemming from an injury in 2002. I have a growth in my c2 that isn’t getting bigger. I am desperate , please help

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