Lower Back Spasm Causes

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Lower back spasms are very common, especially in those who have poor physical health. One of the main lower back spasms causes is overexertion but it usually rectifies itself in a few days.

What is a Spasm:

A spasm is an abnormal contraction of muscles which is spontaneous and causes pain. At times the muscle may twitch convulsively.

The intensity of the pain varies from person to person due to a number of factors including, the location of the spasm, the affected nerve and so on. In some cases, the spasm pain can be very severe. Spasms can give rise to local pain and exert pressure on many different structures in the back.

Causes of Lower Back Spasms


When a person suffers sports injury or another accident, they may suffer from back spasms as a result. In these situations, it is common that a muscle/s in their back has been over-stretched. This in turn may tear fibres of the muscle belly. If muscle fibres have been injured, the development of spasms can be late or immediate. Muscles have to rehabilitate quickly otherwise chronic spasms may arise.


Chronic dehydration can cause back spasms. During dehydration, muscles lack magnesium, potassium, sodium, along with many other electrolytes which are important for carrying out metabolic activities. As a result of this, lower back muscle spasm can take place. Dehydration can also effect the kidneys which may feel like lower back pain.


This is most commonly seen in athletes and people with very active jobs. Muscles which are responsible for controlling movements as well as the spine become stressed and shortened due to overuse; as a result spasms can arise.


Studies have shown that there are many diseases which cause muscle spasms in the back. These include; multiple sclerosis, anaemia, diabetes, and so on.

Poor Posture

Those who have to sit for long hours in front of the computer are likely to experience lower muscle spasms. This spasm can also occur in the neck. The main reason for this spasm is that prolonged stress on back muscles, when continue holding the body in one unnatural posture, cause muscle spasm. Because of this unnatural posture, their muscles get over-stretched and eventually lead to spasm.

Herniated Disc

When lumbar disc gets out of its normal confines, degenerative changes will cause irritation and inflammation and hence muscle spasm.


Back Spasms generally are difficult to treat. Professional massages and trigger point massage therapy tools can be beneficial. For other ideas check out our article Lower Back Spasms and How to get Rid of Them.

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